Choosing to go for a Uganda or Rwanda gorilla trekking tour is one of the best decisions you can make because Uganda has the largest population of mountain gorillas, followed by Rwanda, which has nearly the same number.

Mountain gorillas can only be found in three countries: Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Because of their numbers, Uganda, Rwanda, and DRC practice ecotourism as one of the many ways to protect/conserve mountain gorillas.

Revenue from Uganda gorilla trekking or Rwanda gorilla trekking tours helps to finance national parks as well as local groups working to protect gorillas.

It is important to remember that you will not be able to see gorillas unless you have a gorilla trekking permit.

If you want to go mountain gorilla trekking, Uganda is the place to be.

Rwanda is the only other country where you go gorilla trekking however, Ugandan gorilla permits are cheaper than Rwanda gorilla trekking permits.





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Budget Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo is commonly misinterpreted to be having poor or inadequate facilities. This is absolutely false, and it all depends on the safari company you pick to plan your gorilla trekking expedition.
Friendly Uganda GorillaTours offers great advice and guarantees that you get the most for your money. We will arrange for you to enjoy a rewarding budget gorilla trekking journey that is equivalent to a mid-range gorilla trekking adventure, and most of our clients call it Premium Budget gorilla trekking.  Our years of experience and solid partnerships with other industry experts, as well as our special accommodation rates make our budget gorilla trekking affordable and enjoyable!

We always use 4X4 safari cars, and our guides are top-notch with excellent communication, skill, and knowledge beyond gorilla trekking, whether on a budget or a luxury tour! You’ll learn a lot about both the communities and the environment!

Friendly Gorilla Safaris is looking forward to taking you on your next journey! If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact u s and we will get back to you as soon as possible.You can go gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The country you choose to go to determines your trekking experience.

Apart from gorilla trekking, there are numerous activities to do during a Safari in Uganda. These include; the amazing chimpanzee trekking and habituation experiences in Kibale National Park.

The National Parks of Kidepo, Queen Elizabeth, and Murchison Falls are ideal for game drives in a Savannah setting with many lions, buffaloes, and elephants, as well as a variety of antelope species.

The country is particularly beautiful and has a lot to give people who are interested in natural history and enjoy active vacations.


Mountain Gorilla Trekking

The cost of a gorilla tour is considered somewhat high but an encounter with mountain gorillas is surely worth the amount.

Whereas a safari to locate the big five is great, nothing compares to viewing mountain gorillas in their natural habitat – Gorillas are our relatives and you will like them more when you see them relate, communicate and defend themselves.

Currently, only about 1000 mountain gorillas exist in the entire globe. Because of this, mountain gorilla trekking permits sell so fast.

More than half of these gorillas live in Uganda and the other half shared between Rwanda and DR Congo. Because few of them are left globally, the International Union for Conservation of Nature considers mountain gorillas endangered.

The discussion over which country is better for a gorilla safari is subjective (even biased) and lacks a conclusion.

In our experience running gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, each country has advantages over the other, and the decision as to whether to go gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda is entirely up to you – the traveler.

Some of our clients decide to see the gorillas in both Rwanda and Uganda to explore the differences in tracking mountain gorillas in two countries.

When is the best time to go for a gorilla tour? 

Mountain Gorilla tracking involves traversing thick woodland, steep hills, and mud-filled trails.

Throughout the year, both standard gorilla tracking and the more adventurous gorilla habituation experience are available.

However, the best time to go on a gorilla safari is only after the rainy season has finished.

Around this time of year, the countryside and gorilla parks are all lush and green.

How long does it take to track gorillas?

Gorilla trekking can take anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours, depending on the gorilla family you are assigned to.

Before you go gorilla tracking, the guides and wardens at gorilla parks will normally brief you on the specifications.

We suggest that you train physically and mentally for the Uganda gorilla trek because it is a mild adventure. There is a gorilla tracking packing list and accommodation options that we usually recommend to all visitors preparing to track mountain gorillas.

What are the chances of seeing the gorillas?

Nobody has ever left without seeing gorillas. The likelihood of seeing them is greater than 95%.

After your gorilla trekking trip, note that there are many other events you can participate in, such as visiting Dian Fossey’s tomb to learn about her gorilla conservation and security efforts.

Some other primates, such as chimps, baboons, and monkeys, live in gorilla parks as well.

East Africa is the place to go if you enjoy nature walks, white water rafting, cultural visits, bird watching, and mountain hiking.

Friendly Gorillas Safaris offers custom-made packages that include gorilla safaris as well as other activities.

What is Gorilla Trekking (Rwanda – Uganda Gorilla Trekking)

Simple answer, we’d refer to it as a long walk to the forest in search of gorillas; but is gorilla trekking ethical? The answer is a YES.

According to hundreds of reviews, mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda is incredible.

It might be a fantastic idea for your honeymoon.

So far, the best place to trek these gentle giants is Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija, and Nkuringo are the four gorilla tracking sectors in Bwindi.

You must be 15 years of age or older to trek gorillas.

How much is a Uganda gorilla safari permit?

The cost of a Uganda gorilla permit is $700 per person, all year.

If you want to go gorilla trekking on a budget or in comfort, Uganda is the place to be.

If you book 3-4 day safaris, your average Uganda gorilla trekking budget would not exceed $1500.

The price range of tours depends on the duration of your trip, level of comfort, and more. We have an array of affordable expeditions to choose from. You can also book Kigali to Bwindi gorilla trekking tours.

So what is gorilla trekking like?

The actual experience involves acquiring the required equipment, clothes, and the best hiking boots for gorilla trekking, trekking to the mountains, adhering to the laws and regulations/and do’s don’ts while encountering gorillas, and obtaining a gorilla trekking certificate.

Several porters are available to assist you with your luggage.

Preparation for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda

Gorilla trekking is strenuous and needs some level of fitness.

Your planning should begin several months in advance.

The complexity will be determined by the gorilla family to which you are assigned.

Pregnant women and the elderly are assigned to nearby groups.

But don’t worry, we can always request the officials to place you with a gorilla family that is closer to you.

What is the best time to go gorilla trekking?

Uganda gorilla trekking can be done throughout the year. However, hiking becomes much easier during dry months compared to rainy months. The paths to the forests are muddy and slippery. So if you are looking for the best time of year to visit gorillas in Uganda, consider the months of July, August, December, and February.

Uganda Travel Destinations & Highlights

Murchison Falls National Park is home to Uganda’s most popular natural attraction, the thunderous Murchison Falls (Kabalega falls), which attracts thousands of tourists each year.

These falls, located in Murchison Falls National Park in northwestern Uganda, are regarded as the world’s most powerful waterfalls.

It is considered a must-see for all visitors visiting Murchison Falls.

National Park. During a safari in Murchison Falls National Park, you can take a boat ride to the top of the falls for a direct view of the devil’s pot, where large amounts of water squeeze through a seven-meter gorge to get through the rock; it’s an incredible sight.

The shallow ends and river banks are teeming with wildlife, including crocodiles, hippos, elephants, warthogs, and waterbucks among others.

For a complete Uganda experience, you should add Murchison falls to your gorilla trekking and wildlife safari in Uganda.

In addition, while in Murchison, you will go on a game drive to see other wildlife species such as buffaloes, waterbucks, elephants, tigers, Orbis, hyenas, Uganda Kobs, and many others.

We are one of the best travel agencies in Uganda, and we will arrange a once-in-a-lifetime experience with these lions for you.

Other notable safari destinations include Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth for further rewarding wildlife encounters.

Chimpanzee trekking. Uganda is purely a primate country. In every National park you visit, you can never fail to spot any primate species, at least a Vervet monkey or an olive baboon. However, talking of giant primates, Uganda is home to more than 1400 chimpanzees with about 1000 chimps residing in Kibale Forest National Park, for the same reason, Uganda is referred to as the “World’s primate capital”.

Despite the fact that Uganda has other chimp trekking destinations such as the Kyambura gorge, Budongo forest, and Kalinzu forest, Kibale forest national park provides an exceptional and incomparable chimp trekking experience.

The highlights of our Uganda tours and travel packages are primates.

Trekking the chimps (man’s closest relatives in the forest) and seeing them go about their everyday lives is fascinating and considered a lifetime experience.

Experience the romantic Source of the River Nile in Jinja.

This is undoubtedly one of the unique Uganda travel destinations. River Nile is Africa’s longest river flowing to over four countries of Egypt, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Uganda where it originates.

A trip to the Nile’s source is amazing.

Standing at the Nile’s source allows you to walk in the footsteps of the famous explorer John Speke, who discovered the Nile’s source in Jinja city, East Africa’s adventure capital, just two hours from Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Sipi falls Hot spring adventure.

Found in northeastern Uganda in Kapchorwa district, Sipi falls adventure is truly rewarding. They are a set of three beautiful cascading waterfalls with the main waterfalls and other two minor waterfalls.

The waterfalls are just at the peak of mountain Elgon and just a few kilometers from the Kenyan border. Hiking around the falls presents beautiful views of the Karamoja plains, Pian-Upe reserve, slopes of mountain Elgon as well as Lake Kyoga.

Wilderness safari trip to Kidepo Valley National Park. 

Kidepo is the most remote national park, but it is well worth the effort to explore the breathtaking landscape of vast golden grasslands teeming with various animal species and domed mountains in the background.

Kidepo Valley National Park is the only true African wilderness and was ranked among the most beautiful places in the world by CNN.

A safari holiday to Kidepo lets you meet countless wildlife species like lions, cheetahs, buffaloes, elephants, warthogs, hyenas, waterbucks, and many others.

The Uganda Equator. 

The equator is a line that divides the earth into two hemispheres – the northern and southern poles.

It’s thrilling to be in the middle of the country, at zero latitudes, neither north or south.

During your gorilla Safari in Uganda, you sometimes pass through the Uganda equator.

Both the young and old find the Uganda equator experience very exciting. Experience the water experiment that shows how water swirls in different directions in the opposite hemispheres of the earth.

There is no better place to take photos than the Uganda Equator.

Gaddafi Mosque in the heart of Kampala City. This is found in the middle of Uganda, in Kampala’s capital center, and the biggest in East Africa and second biggest in Africa. It stands at a 360-degree angle and climbing to the top provides excellent views of the ancient seven hills that Kampala sits on. The mosque was gifted to the Muslims’ council by the late Colonel Muammar Gadhafi – former president of Libya. This place sums up the city tour, giving you sights of almost all the tourism hubs of Kampala.

Beach holidays in Ssese Islands. This is an archipelago of 84 islands on Lake Victoria; Africa’s largest freshwater lake. A trip to Ssese just gives you a perfect introduction to the life of Islanders in Uganda. The Islands attract hundreds of nature lovers, artists, photographers, and adventurous travelers. The white and soft sand beaches, the cool forests, the palm trees, exciting fishing villages, and the tropical sun suitably make a perfect and relaxing travel holiday in Uganda.

Uganda Rwanda gorilla trekking in a group

As the saying goes, no safari is complete without excitement, and no excitement compares to that of a safari with friends.

Group gorilla trekking is still really engaging and fascinating.

It’s also less expensive because you can share both lodging and transportation with your friends.

Friendly Gorillas offers discounter group gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda. Contact us for details.